Great team and a very friendly behavior of the staff, Thank You! – Audreas Oberhack, Robert Bosch, Germany, Dec 04.
  It has been a comfortable stays though 2 months plus long. Nice food for even non Indians -Osama Taketa, Infosys Technologies Ltd, Japan, Mar 05
  Extremely comfortable and clean – one of the nicest places where I have stayed- Ian Mabbett, Australia, Mar 05.
  A gracious place in a crazy city! – Ulrich Schwiger, Robert Bosch, Germany, Sep ’05.
  Very good service with beautiful scene of the Madiwala Lake and excellent helping people- just felt like home! – Sulipi Kundlu, Wipro Technologies Ltd, Sep’05.
  It was like my home. Wonderful place to stay. Staff is extremely good. Big Thanks. - K S N Murthy, Wipro Ltd., Feb 06
  Staying here has been a great Pleasure. You treated me like visiting Royalty Thank you! -Timothy D. Schierling, Oracle, USA, Feb 07.
  Warm & responsive to requirements. Didn’t feel I was away from home - Guha, Calcutta, Aug, 07
  Very good housekeeping, absolutely neat & clean environment. Excellent service and very healthy and hygienic food - Kunal Verma, Wipro, Sep 08
  I would prefer Gokul Comforts to any other Hotel I stayed in Bangalore - Chand M, Wipro, Nov 09
  Very Very Good place to stay. Comfortably for long/short stay - Usmail Khan, NDAPL, Hyderabad., Nov 10.
  Good place to stay, no disturbances, good caring - Mohammed Rizwan, MindTree Ltd., July 10.
  Nice place, Excellent service by staff members, well maintained and am really satisfied by the service - Ashmant, IBM, Delhi, July 10.
  Beautiful Place, Good Food, Brilliant Service, Completely Satisfied - Rahul M, HCL Tech. Apr 10
  It’s even better than my house. I love this place! - Minh, Robert Bosch, Vietnam, Oct 11,
  Excellent services, Clean and hygienic environment and friendly staff. Enjoyed my stay here! – Subha Balaji, HP, Jan 12.
  High standard, Professional approach at affordable rate will come again! – Pranav Kumar, Fruit of the Loom, Feb’12.
  Great Service, Food & Clean Hygenic Accommodation. Has become my preferred home in Bangalore for quite a few years now - Ravishankar, HP, Feb 12.
  The Ambience is homely. The food is excellent, Staff caring and supportive – Subhendu Mishra-Centurion University, Odisha, June 12.
  It was an awesome stay!-Ishant Jindal - Capillary Technologies P Ltd., July 12.